Vivisections EP

by Vivian K.

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    Tapes by Is It Over Yet?

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Petty 03:07
It's a long drive wherever you want to go, so hold tight to this fading afterglow. Dawn is bright anywhere but our home. If we're gone tonight I'll see you on the road. I want a life that's somehow original but it's no surprise I just fit some fuckin' mold. Don't lie and pretend like I've got goals. If I don't die, I'll see you at the show. When did I become so jaded? We were happy when we thought we'd never make it. Now there's hope but no control. We have each other but nowhere to go. When did I begin to hate it? Looking back, I think I've always been complacent. Now we're both so miserable. You used to shine, I made you dull. I know it's not always just petty to sing you songs but I get so stuck. I can't go on but I can't stop.
Everyone's on to something new these days. They all got grown-up jobs and grown-up bills to pay, or found love worth holding in some novel seeming way. I am holding fast to an old armchair, my chances rolling past and I don't dare get up to greet them. I've got cold feet and a cold heart and I'm melting out here in the sunshine. I am some sun-god's weary concubine. Will I miss being stuck here, crushed by my own comfort like an inmate, afraid of the outside? I guess it's just one of those things we'll just have to wait and see. I know that I'll miss most of all those fleeting good times when we were so blissful we didn't ask why. And your voice coiled with mine as we bellowed through the night. Will you forgive me in time? I guess it's just one of those things that we'll just have to wait and see. But you were the jealous type, couldn't figure it out in time. It was buried so deep inside. But you led a privileged life. (But then again so did I.) You could never make up your mind. (It's hard if you don't try.) It's not what you'd call a crime (Do you feel like you should die?) I'm starting to realize the point of your queer disguise, (the way you made dreams die,) the reason you never tried. (You were a waste of time) I guess it's just one of those things that you'll just have to wait and see. I guess it's just one of those things that we'll just have to wait and see. But you were a waste of time (Never figured it out in time) I barely got out alive (you never really tried) I don't know what's wrong or right (Is this what you call a life?) But you were a waste of time (I'm starting to realize) I barely got out alive (The way you made dreams die) I don't know what's wrong or right (You were a waste of time.) Success is the best revenge. Failure is your best friend. (You were a waste of time.)
Torture 03:46
You're the reason I don't sleep at night. It's never even something I decide. I know you're keeping secrets deep inside. You bite your nails to the bone when you're lonely but you sit at home and don't bother to call me. You dig all these holes to bury your longings but I don't control the ways that you want me. You make me nervous to be who I am. You're always shirtless, acting like a man. It's hard to breathe when I'm wrapped in your arms. It's harder even when we're apart but I'm too easy, you always break my heart. So fucking cheesy, we were doomed from the start. You always say that it's my fault you're waiting but I'm never late when you need a play-thing. You always say I'm the one playing games but you hold the cards and gamble it all away. I don't know If I can be the person that you want me to be. 7:30. Your hand gropes for the alarm. Dawn creeps in through a sliver in the blinds. It illuminates the room, refracted by your body. Filled with dread, I realize suddenly, I could love you forever.
Parasites 02:55
I think I'm dying, and you're the one that's killing me. I'm sick of trying to diagnose your disease. I see you hiding symptoms of what's plaguing you and I but it's hard to sympathize when you won't look me in the eye. I hope you know it's killing the both of us. I hope it's slow, the pain of letting go. It's written in blood. It can't be contained. It's in both of us and it won't go away. It's written in blood and it spells out your name. There is no vaccine, there is no escape. You're gonna die and take your secret to the grave. I'm gonna die because my heart is filled with hate. You're gonna die so alone and so afraid. I'm staying alive just so I can curse your fucking name.


released March 3, 2016

Vivisections: recorded in January 2016 by Seth Engel at the Owlery in Chicago and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. All songs written and performed by Jesse Cooley, DnlHrs, and Ben Rudolph.


all rights reserved



Vivian K.

A "rock" band currently based in Orlando

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